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Trewel Fair 2000
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Trewel Fair 2000


The ancient Trewel Fair was revived for the Millenium and held for the the first time in over 140 years at The Rannes Hall on 30th September. Mr JF Grant, Earlsfield opened the Fair on a fine bright day, of which there have been few of late. It was a great success with many people meeting old friends not seen for many years. The vast display of old school and village photographs created much discussion on who was, or was not, in them. Most of the entries in the Poem Competition were also on display. The competition was won by local man Wullie Reid. A number of local organisations held fund raising activities in and around the marquee tent behind the Hall. There were a good number of "car booters" present in the adjoining playing field.

The Rannes Hall, venue for Trewel Fair 2000
setting up
car boots
car boot section
hot food
jf grant opens the fair
huge crowd in the hall
tables set for teas
the bowlers raising funds
inside the hall
the cooks
inside the stall tent
the stall tent
raising funds for the old folk
kids enjoy the fun of the fair
the picture gallery
old photographs
the poetry competition winner
JF Grant and Jean Bremner nee McIntosh
highland dancer
The Rannes Hall

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